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Children’s rooms, in my opinion, need to be colorful and cheerful. Children love to live in fantasy worlds, and play in spaces where they can let their imagination run wild.

And when we become mothers, if we previously liked decoration, what usually happens is that we put a lot of energy and creativity into our little ones’ rooms. At least this was what happened in my case. Paintings, furniture, toys, ornaments and all sorts of decorations… And if you like DIY as much as I do, anything can become a possible project. I started in the bedroom, but then I came up with other things like shelves, boxes, paintings, picture frames …

My oldest son is a huge reading fan, and one of his favorite books is “Where the Wild Things Are”. This very popular book, also became a film a few years ago . So last year he asked me for a costume of one of the main characters in this book, for halloween. He wants to be one of the Wild Things, no less. And when my youngest son heard about it, he decided he wanted one, too!

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