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portavelas calabaza

6 DIY Ideas for your Halloween Party

I love Halloween! Every year I say to myself: “This year I’m not going to throw a halloween party, because it ends up being a lot of work”. But I just can’t resist celebrating it! Especially having children, since they enjoy this celebration so much. And who are we kidding, the grown-ups also have a blast! And I must admit, we always have so much fun, that I never regret throwing the party. 🙂

As you know by now, I love doing all kinds of DIY projects. But Halloween gives me the chance to make a lot of fun things: ornaments, costumes, accessories, makeup, decorations, recipes … And the best part is that by investing a little time, we can make spectacular things at a very low cost.

In today’s post I suggest some very simple Halloween decorations, that you can make with materials that are very easy to find, or even some things you already have at home.

“Critters in Formol”

bichos en formol

For this (disgusting) decoration you need:

Simply insert the chosen critters in the jar, fill with water, add food coloring of your color choice, and put the lid on. That would do it, but I covered the lid with a halloween patterned paper and closed it with a tulle ribbon to give it a special finish. You can put these on shelves to make a science lab setting, as a centerpiece, scattered throughout the food table… Yuck! The kids will love it…

Pumpkin Candle Holder

portavelas calabaza

To ilustrate how easy it is to make this candle holder, the one in the photo was painted by my son when he was 4 years old … It is a fantastic activity to do with children on the days leading up to Halloween.

Simply paint the glass jar on the outside (not the inside, to avoid any risks with the candle) with the design of your choice: pumpkin, skull, witch, ghost, zombie, vampire, etc … And then put a tea candle inside. Done!

Painted twigs

ramitas negras halloweeen

It couldn’t be easier! You just have to get some dry twigs from outside and paint them black. Then there are plenty of decorative possibilities, but in this case I put them in a small vase as a tree and hung some decorations printed on paper with skull, bat and pumpkin designs.

Here are some ideas to decorate using the painted twigs:

  • Spread them on tables or surfaces
  • You can take a large branch and put it in a pot with dirt, as if it were a small tree
  • You can hang them from the lamps and the ceiling, to give the feeling of being in a sinister forest
  • You can make a wreath of twigs by sticking bits onto a donut-shaped cardboard, and hang it on the front door or use it as a centerpiece with a pumpkin in the center

“Poisoned Cups”

vasos envenenados halloween

By adding simple stickers to the plastic cups, we will make them a lot more fun. Plus, the guests will be able to find their glass much more easily!

Black roses

rosas negras en vaso para halloween

These sinister roses cannot be missing from your Halloween celebration. They can be made in different sizes and give us an infinite number of decorative possibilities. Place them as part of a centerpiece, in vases, on the table, at the front door as a wreath… And the more, the better! These roses are great if you want to have an elegant halloween setting. In this other blog post I teach you how to make paper roses step by step.

Decorative Pumpkins

orange round decorative halloween pumpkin

Decorative pumpkins are very versatile. You can use them to decorate any corner of the house, the entrance, make a centerpiece for the table … You can also paint them in whatever color you like. For an elegant event you can paint them in white, black, gold or silver, for example. For a children’s party, use bright colors or cover them with glitter. For a fall decoration, you can paint them orange or brown. For a romantic decoration, you can paint them in pastel colors. As you can see, there are countless options! Check out how to make these DIY pumpkins step by step.

What is your favorite Halloween DIY?

Do you have more ideas for DIY Halloween decoration? Can you tell me in the comments? Or show them to me on social media! Don’t forget to tag me with @myberryown so I can see them. 😉

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