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Pintar dibujos en paredes

Kids Room Decor Idea: Paint the Walls!

Children’s rooms, in my opinion, need to be colorful and cheerful. Children love to live in fantasy worlds, and play in spaces where they can let their imagination run wild.

And when we become mothers, if we previously liked decoration, what usually happens is that we put a lot of energy and creativity into our little ones’ rooms. At least this was what happened in my case. Paintings, furniture, toys, ornaments and all sorts of decorations… And if you like DIY as much as I do, anything can become a possible project. I started in the bedroom, but then I came up with other things like shelves, boxes, paintings, picture frames …

Children love to live in fantasy worlds, and play in spaces where they can let their imagination run wild.



This project came up when I was in a store looking for some accessories for the children’s bathroom. And suddenly, I found them. They were perfect! They had very cute animal drawings and striking colors. When I got home I was very excited, but when I put them in the bathroom, they looked so dull…

I had to change something, because they did not fit in with the bathroom design, which was too modern and painted in a very sober palette of browns. So after a lot of thinking it over, I bought some paint cans and got to work.

Excuse the photos, as the lighting is not very good… 😀


Pinturas animales en paredes


Steps of the Process:

1) Remove all furniture and put painter’s tape on all the edges and borders.

2) Paint the wall in the base color, in this case it was a very bright and colorful aquamarine blue.

3) Draw the shapes on the wall with a pencil. Here I directly copied the pictures from the accessories, but you can get inspiration from anything you want!

4) Finally paint color to the drawings and review the edges, especially places where we could have made any mistakes. It’s the good thing about painting, if something doesn´t look good, you can always make it perfect by painting over it!



What do you think? Would you do it in your kids bedroom or playroom?

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