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24 Ideas to Put in Your Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar is one of the most entertaining traditions for children during Christmas, at least in my house … It makes the days of December full of magic and excitement. Although it is true that children enjoy it a lot, it’s not just for kids! Adults can have fun with it too!

I have been trying for several years not to give the kids so many sweets, and I prefer to fill the calendar with other types of gifts or presents. A good option is to use a voucher for an experience or activity. This is a fantastic option, since you can type in whatever text you want on them. Here is a coupon that you can download and fill out with personalized text, it’s great for Christmas gifts!

  1. Lollipops
  2. Chocolates or bonbons
  3. A few coins
  4. Voucher good for an afternoon of Christmas movie and popcorn
  5. Glitter or fairy dust
  6. A family photo or a nice memory
  7. Voucher to play a board game all together
  8. Christmas stickers
  9. Snow spray, silly string or window stickers
  10. A small led candle
  11. A Christmas ball decoration to put on the tree
  12. Voucher to assemble the Christmas tree together as a family
  13. Candies
  14. Chocolate coins
  15. Playing cards of their favorite characters
  16. Voucher for baking a cake
  17. A little Christmas book
  18. An ornament for the tree or nativity scene
  19. A Christmas craft
  20. Voucher to bake decorated Christmas cookies
  21. Streamers
  22. A noisemaker
  23. A Christmas keychain
  24. A voucher to make a donation to the NGO of your choice

I hope these ideas fill your Christmas with smiles and joy, which we all need right now! If you are looking for an Advent calendar, you can see our options below. Happy Holidays!

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