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Tarta de pañales en la mesa

How to Make a Diaper Cake

The Baby Shower party is a very popular celebration. It is an event in which the arrival of a new baby to the world is celebrated, and the future mother is filled with gifts and attention.

The diaper cake can serve as a gift for a pregnant woman, a newborn baby, a Baby Shower, for a 1st birthday party… It also serves as a fantastic decoration or centerpiece for the party. If you wish to learn more about how to prepare this type of event, you can take a look at the post How to organize a Baby Shower (coming soon!).

Materiales para tarta de pañales

What you need

  • Diapers (the size must be according to the measurements of the baby, so they can be used later)
  • Thread and/or elastic rubber bands
  • Cardboard base lined with wrapping paper or tissue paper
  • Fillers (you can use clothes, pacifiers, bibs, chains, soaps, cosmetics…)
  • Bow or crepe paper ribbon
  • Ornaments (in this case I used pink bows, colored paper butterflies and a paper flower)



The first thing to do is roll up all the diapers and tie them, either with an elastic band or with thread. I decided to do it with white thread so that it wouldn´t be very noticeable. Although I also used an elastic band to hold the diaper while I tied it with the thread, which was very helpful.

Pañales enrollados

We will continue by placing one or several of the gifts on the cardboard base, which serve as a column to give structure to our cake. I used several small bottles of soaps and baby creams, and a rolled-up baby bag. I fastened all this with a rubber band so that it would not move as I was placing the diapers.

We then place the rolled-up diapers around this column, making a circle that will be the bottom tier of our cake. Be patient when it comes to placing diapers, it is possible that they will fall. If you can get hold of a helper to hold them, it´s always useful! When the diapers are already in place, we will fasten them by making a knot with the thread.

We will continue on the second tier, in the same way as before, placing the diapers in a circular position and fixing with a thread. You can make two or three tiers, depending on what size you want your cake to be. Later we will use a garland or ribbon to wrap each tier so that the threads stay covered. Once this is done, we will place an ornament on the top to cover the hole, in my case I used a paper flower, but for example, some baby shoes would look very cute.

Now, all we need to do is decorate! I have used these very simple and very easy-to-make paper butterflies and some cute pink mini bows. But you could actually use almost any kind of craft supplies you have around the house!

Tarta de pañales

Would you show me your diaper cake makes? Don´t forget to tag me with @myberryown so I can see them!

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