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Chocolate eggs in grass

How to organize an Easter Egg Hunt

If you have small children, this party is very fun for them. There is something in the search that children love. It’s like the search for a treasure!

I bought a lot of chocolate eggs, some bunnies and chocolates with cute ladybug shapes in Aldi. They usually have this type of special seasonal candy. Depending on the size of the eggs, you can decide what amount to buy for each child. I prefer to buy many small eggs than few big ones.

Colorful chocolate eggs for easter hunt

You will also need some kind of basket or bag where the children can put the eggs in. It is important that they have a handle and are easy to carry, as well as strong enough to withstand the weight of the chocolates. Some other options are to buy or make some paper cones with cardstock, which they can hold directly in their hands, or use some cute bags. Here is a link for Easter Cones Printables in case you want to make your own. It´s a great activity to do with the kids before the egg hunt!

Bunny and carrot cones with chocolate eggs

It was very easy for me to hide the eggs since we did it in a garden with trees, shrubs and nooks where we could place the sweets. But you can really hide them anywhere, I even left some on the ground next to the trunks of the trees. If you do not have a garden, another option is to do it in a park. And if you don´t want to do it outdoors or the weather is bad, it can be done inside the house. So as you can see, it’s a very versatile party!

Depending on the age of the children, it will be necessary to facilitate or hinder the search. You do not want children to find eggs too fast, since the fun will end too soon. But it is not convenient to make the search very complicated, since the children could get frustrated and give up the game. Obviously you will be close by and can help them at any time if you think it´s necessary. Another option is to leave them clues.

Eggs hidden in the flowers

If you want to add fun to your party, I suggest you make some mini piñatas to hang from the trees (or from any other place) and fill them with chocolate eggs, jelly beans or whatever candy or toys you want. In the post Mini Party Piñatas you have instructions on how to make them, and you can just decorate them with some Easter decorated paper.

I also like to save some of the sweets and not hide them, because sometimes some of the children find less chocolates and feel disappointed. This way, when they finish we can give some candy to the kids who found less and match the amounts that all children receive. This is a cute option as a giveaway, just use egg boxes and put the chocolate eggs in!

Chocolate eggs in green box

Well, now you have some ideas to organize your berry own Easter egg hunt. 😉 Drop me a comment below and tell me how it went!

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