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Mini pinatas decorated

Mini Party Piñatas for kids

Finding fun activities for children is the best way to ensure success at a party. Kids never stop playing, so preparing fun activities for them to do, will not only allow them have a ton of fun, but it will also help us can also keep them under control. Today I bring you these mini piñatas, which can be filled with whatever you want: sweets, confetti, toys, coins …


Little girl pulling on pinata


In this case I made them with Halloween decorative paper, but they can be adapted to any other party theme very easily. You just have to change the paper, use a marker to make drawings or put stickers or labels related to the party theme. If you would like to use my halloween design paper, you can download it at the bottom of this post.





What you need



The first thing we have to do is cover one end of the roll with scotch tape, so that only one side remains open. It is important that it is a good quality tape, because otherwise it will not hold.

On the side which remains open, fill the toilet paper roll with whatever you want, in this case I used candy for Halloween but you could use coins, lollipops, candy, confetti, little toys…

Then wrap the roll with tissue paper carefully, leaving excess paper at both ends. Carefully wind the ends, so you don’t tear the paper.


The next step will be to carefully tie a thread or ribbon on the side of the roll that was open, so that the children can pull, and the content will fall out. And then tie another thread or ribbon on the opposite end, which we will use to hang our mini piñata. I like to use different ribbons so that later there is no doubt which is the top and which is the bottom.

Halloween pinatas


And the last step is to decorate our piñata with the halloween paper in this case, but you can decorate it with whatever you like according to the theme of your party. With this paper cover they look really good already, so you can leave them like that. Or you can add a little more detail by doing a little more decorating, like the bat wings and the mummy bandages, and they will look even cuter!



If you would like to use my halloween design paper, you can download the files here:

Have fun! Don´t forget to show me your creations on social media, tagging me with @myberryown. I would love to see what you come up with!

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