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Fall leaves DIY decor

5 DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Autumn Leaves

I love fall! The cold weather, the warm clothing, rain boots, blankets, fireplaces… The countryside is a wonderful place to live to enjoy this weather. My kids and I love walking through the leaves and throwing them in the air. And what lovely colors! Amazing shades of browns, yellows, oranges, reds …

Today, I am going to share with you a couple of crafts that you can do, using these colorful leaves, to decorate your home this season. It looks very nice to give an autumn feel to the house, or maybe use them for your celebrations.

As a recommendation, it is best to use leaves collected the same day for most of the crafts, since they wither and dry quickly. Our crafts will turn out better if they are fresh. Please take into account that these are ephemeral decorations and will not last long.


Leaf Bowl

It’s very easy to do. You simply need a balloon, mod podge or any glue that dries clear and a paintbrush. It is preferable to cut the sprigs off the leaves if they are thick. Inflate the balloon and glue the leaves from the bottom up, overlapping the leaves. It is convenient to put several layers, so that when it is done the bowl has some thickness. Use a generous amount of glue, but spread it well so that there are no lumps.

Let it dry completely (do not be impatient!) for 24-48 hours and pop the balloon. Carefully remove the remainder of the balloon, so as not to break the leaves and you are done!


Decorated Candles

With a little bit of transparent glue or mod podge and a brush, glue the leaves onto the candle. You can paste just one, or cover the entire candle.


Candle holder

With a few glass jars (small jars are best for this), we can make these decorative candleholders. The same as the previous ideas, you only need glue and a paintbrush. You decide if you put just one leaf, or if you cover it entirely. It looks beautiful in the same range of colors and also in the variety of colors that we can find. Another option is to use it as a vase and put flowers or pretty branches in it.


Glitter Leaves

For a “glam” look cover the leaves with glitter. You can try the different types of glitter that you can find on the market, to see what result you like best. For this craft, it is best to use dry leaves, because the glitter sticks better and they will last much longer. Then you can hang them, make a garland, make a special centerpiece for the table, put them in a vase or glass jars… ¡Anything you can think of!


Leaf Letters

You can buy a prefabricated cardboard letter or make it yourself, and cover it with the leaves using glue or a glue gun. It will look lovely hanging or leaning against the wall. You could even make a whole word, right?

Do you have any other fall DIY ideas? Please let me know about them in the comments. Happy crafting!

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