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Ideas for Pretty Giftwrapping this Christmas

I love this time of the year! Christmas and Kings Day are magical moments. Especially for children, but I enjoy it exactly the same as them. These holidays are full of so many beautiful things that always make me smile and get excited every year.

Today I want to share with you some tips to make Christmas and Kings Day even more special. Because I have to admit that when I see the Christmas tree full of beautiful gifts, I feel like a child again, with the same excitement as when I was little. If the gift is wrapped beautifully, the gift is much more special.

There are 4 fundamental elements to consider when wrapping beautiful gifts, and they are the following:

Wrapping Paper

There are thousands of gift wrap designs. Depending on your taste, they can be metallic or not, bright colors or neutral colors, elegant, childish, flashy, sober, plain, with designs … You can really do it whatever way you like. However, keep in mind that the choice of paper is very important as it will set the tone of our set of gifts.

A more sustainable option for the environment is to wrap gifts with newspaper. The truth is that they can look very cute if you also use some ornaments or decorations, for example with black cardstock to contrast. Another ecological and low-cost option to wrap our gifts with kraft paper or recycled paper and decorate them with sprigs or fresh leaves.

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Another element that contributes to make our gift wrap even prettier is the ribbon. We can surround the gift, thread the ribbon or make bows or knots with it.

There are many types of ribbon: raffia, fabric, paper, plastic, bright, glitter, pastel colors … You can also find them in different widths, select the best one depending on the decoration you want to make.

You can also use string or twine for a more rustic, natural or casual style.

Another idea could be to layer different types, widths, materials and textures, this will add more depth to your packaging.

regalo periodico blanco y negro con etiqueta


The ornaments are what add the special touch to the gift. Of course you can use the typical gift decorations, but there are a lot of different things that you could use. Here are a couple of original and less conventional ideas:

  • Use beads for the endings of strings or ribbons.
  • Paint a ribbon, drawings, names or whatever you can think of on kraft paper or plain colored paper.
  • Use natural flowers, leaves or twigs.
regalos papel kraft con ramitas
  • Place a large paper flower or pompom on top of the gift.
  • Decorate with leaf or flower die cut shapes made with colored or pattern paper.
  • Use a fabric bag instead of wrapping the gift in paper. This way you are also gifting the bag!
  • Decorate with a strip of pattern paper over a plain colored wrapping paper, and then place the ribbon on top of it. This will make 3 different layers.
  • Paste confetti or stickers on the wrapping paper to add more details.
  • Hang a lollipop, candy cane, cookies or any other type of candy tied to the ribbon.
  • Use small inflated balloons to decorate the package.
  • Hang die-cut names from the ribbon or string.
  • Hang shapes from the ribbon apart from the tags, such as snowflakes, stars, Christmas trees, reindeer, Christmas balls…
regalos papel kraft con lazos pintados


Finally, we must not forget the tags or labels. We can use them to indicate who the gift is for, who it’s from or write a personalized message. This element is fundamental, as without it, it would be chaotic knowing who each gift is for. They also serve as a decorative element for our beautiful gift.

There are endless possibilities for tags, but here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Hand stitched labels
  • Custom printed labels
  • Handwritten labels
regalos envueltos con pompom de papel

Do you have any original and fun ideas to wrap gifts? If you want you can leave me a comment and tell me about them. You know that I love to see your creations. 😉

I wish you a very pretty and happy holiday!

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